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Credit Life and Disability Insurance

Prevent your loved ones from financial hardship

In the event of a customer’s untimely death or if they become injured or ill and can no work, credit life and disability will go into effect. Credit Life insurance will pay off the balance, including unearned interest, owed on the vehicle’s loan, making the vehicle an asset to the insured’s beneficiaries, rather than a liability.

Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance are types of insurance that will step in to help you make loan payments or cover your loan balance if something were to happen to you.

Credit Life Insurance: Lowers or covers your loan balance in full in the event of your unexpected passing.

Credit Disability Insurance: Credit Disability Insurance pays your loan payments if you become disabled due to a covered illness or accidental injury and cannot work. That means you don’t have to worry about those loan payments while you’re out of work. These payments will continue to be made until you return to work, the loan is repaid, or when you reach the policy maximum.

Providing a peace of mind. Contact us to learn more about Credit Life & Disability Insurance.

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